How To Treat Airsoft Welts Quickly

Airsoft is a relatively safe sport.  However, there is always the potential for injury when engaging in sports activities.  Airsoft is no exception.  Welts and bruising are a common part of Airsoft gameplay.  They are just as much a part of the sport as the replica weapons themselves.

During the excitement of gameplay, being hit by Airsoft BB’s can go practically unnoticed.  However, after the excitement subsides, injuries surface and discomfort can set in.  As welts form, the pain associated with them can be uncomfortable to some. 

In this article we will discuss:

How To Avoid Airsoft Related Welts

A welt is an unbroken, swollen or raised area of the skin resulting from a stinging blow.  Welts and bruising may appear following an injury to the skin and their tenderness may range from mild discomfort to, painful. This discomfort may leave you wondering “How to treat Airsoft welts quickly.” Here are some easy ways to treat and or avoid injuries.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin.

So, taking precautions to prevent injury now is better than attending minor or serious injuries later.  Preventing injury starts with the following basic procedures:

Establish & Follow Rules

Making rules seems like an obvious statement, but certainly, it can be overlooked.  Establishing and following some ground rules from the start, happens to be one excellent way to prevent the potential for injury. Rules for gameplay and for safety protocol will help ensure that everyone involved is on the same page.  Set specific gameplay requirements.  For example, requiring specific safety equipment can help ensure that all players are equipped with the necessary safety equipment.  It is also as important to establish general rules for gameplay (ie. rules regarding “Airsoft Gun Limits” or rules regarding “Head Shots”) for everyone to follow.  Having defined general gameplay rules and requirements can also help lessen the chance of injury.  Accidents can and will happen, but defining rules that everyone must follow will help reduce the potential for injury to occur.

Avoiding the BB’s

I nearly hesitated at the advisement of “avoiding the BB” as “avoiding” may suggest hiding and not engaging the opposition.  This does not imply being a wimp who hides to avoid being shot at. Getting hit while playing Airsoft typically means you are “dead” until you are able to respawn (of course, this depends on what the rules of the game you are playing by).  Avoiding BB’s is more about taking cover, ducking, dodging, being able to sneak and the like. If you choose to run at the opposition like a maniac while in a firefight, then you should reasonably expect their BB’s to make contact with you…

Wearing Protective Gear

Protective gear is a must if you would like to avoid potential Airsoft BB welts and bruises.  Facemasks, gloves, long sleeves, and helmets are examples of protective gear that can limit the amount of BB on skin contact that can cause welts and bruises.  Keep in mind any additional gear for protecting more sensitive areas such as face, neck and groin areas. Also, Airsoft accessories such as tactical vests, belts and backpacks can also provide protection from Airsoft BB’s.

Wearing Layers

Wearing multiple layers will also help to soften the blow.  Sometimes your local weather will dictate the extent of how many layers you can wear and still be comfortable.  For example, when playing in the balmy August heat of South Florida, many layers may make things very uncomfortable. Wearing a shirt, a jacket over it along with additional gear can provide additional coverage.

How To Treat Airsoft Welts Quickly

Sometimes you have done all you can to avoid injury, but injury still finds you.  Your injuries can vary dependant upon the force propelling the BB’s and the distance you are from the person firing the Airsoft gun.  Here are some helpful methods you can use treat your Airsoft welts providing fast relief.  These methods are for minor injuries such as welts and bruising.  You should seek professional medical attention if you have serious injuries.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a topical astringent made from a shrub that has been around for centuries.  It is an all natural remedy that is an excellent way to reduce swelling.

Cold Compress

A cold compress is an easy and effective way to treat both welts and bruising.  This simple treatment can help reduce swelling associated with welts.  The numbing action of the compress will also provide you with relief from the pain. You don’t need to buy one from the store if you have the few simple items lying around the house.  A cold compress can be put together from a zip-lock bag, ice and a hand towel.  Fill the zip-lock bag with ice and seal.  Wrap the hand towel around the ice-filled bag.  Apply to the affected area.

Elevating the Injured Area

Elevating injured areas will help promote venous drainage and reduce swelling.  If your injuries are located on your limbs, you can elevate the affected areas slightly above your heart.  This will help to reduce swelling and provide relief.


Airsoft is a relatively safe sport.  Injuries from coming into contact with Airsoft BB’s can be avoided. By establishing some basic gameplay rules, learning how to manuever on the field and wearing protective gear, injuries can be avoided.  Injuries that cannot be avoided, can easily be treated.  Simple and quick remedies can be applied to provide relief and help start the healing process.

See you out on the battlefield!