Optimized Arsenal: Pairing Airsoft Firearms with the Right Role

Airsoft, a recreational shooting sport that originated in Japan in the 1970s, has gained immense popularity worldwide over the years. It simulates military and tactical combat situations using replica firearms that shoot non-lethal plastic projectiles. As an adrenaline-filled activity, airsoft attracts thousands of passionate players who engage in intense battles and strategic gameplay. Choosing the right airsoft gun is crucial for success on the field.

Just like actual firearms, different roles require specific features and functionalities to maximize effectiveness. Whether you prefer close-quarters combat or long-range precision engagements, selecting the appropriate airsoft gun can significantly enhance your performance.

In this article we will discuss:

Assault Rifles (ARs): Versatile for various roles on the field

When it comes to airsoft, assault rifles (ARs) are the go-to choice for many players due to their versatility and adaptability on the field. These firearms are designed to excel in a wide range of scenarios, making them suitable for players who want to be well-rounded and take on different roles during gameplay.

With their impressive features and capabilities, ARs have become a staple in the airsoft community. Examples of popular AR models include the M4, AK-47, and G36C.

The M4 is renowned for its modular design, allowing players to customize it according to their preferences. It offers excellent accuracy even at medium range engagements and enables easy maneuverability due to its relatively lightweight construction.

On the other hand, the AK-47 is known for its durability and reliability, making it an attractive option for players who prefer a more robust firearm. The G36C stands out with its compact size without sacrificing performance or accuracy. ARs come equipped with notable features like adjustable hop-ups that allow players to fine-tune their shots by controlling backspin on BBs. This feature enhances accuracy and extends effective range.

Additionally, high-capacity magazines are often available for AR models, allowing for longer periods of continuous fire without reloading. These qualities make ARs ideal choices in situations that demand adaptability and sustained fire. In terms of gameplay effectiveness, ARs excel in medium-range engagements where their accuracy and decent rate of fire come into play. Whether engaging enemies from behind cover or advancing cautiously towards an objective point, these guns offer versatility that can cater to various scenarios encountered on the airsoft battlefield.

Submachine Guns (SMGs): Perfect for close-quarters battles or as secondary weapons

In airsoft, when it comes to close-quarters combat or when maneuvering in tight spaces is essential, submachine guns (SMGs) are the weapon of choice. Known for their compact size and high rate of fire, SMGs provide players with the necessary tools for intense battles at close range.

Popular examples of SMG models include the MP5, UMP45, and P90. The MP5 is a classic that has stood the test of time due to its reliability and efficient design. Its compactness enables easy maneuverability without compromising firepower. The UMP45 is favored for its durability and versatility in different environments.

The P90 stands out with its futuristic aesthetics and bullpup design that allows for greater magazine capacity while maintaining a compact profile. Due to their smaller size, SMGs enable players to navigate tight spaces more easily compared to larger firearms like assault rifles or snipers.

This makes them particularly effective when engaging enemies in confined areas such as buildings or indoors where mobility is crucial. Additionally, their high rate of fire provides an advantage during rapid-fire exchanges at close range.

While SMGs excel in close-quarters battles, they can also serve as reliable secondary weapons for players who prefer a primary firearm with longer effective range capabilities. In situations where switching from a sniper rifle or assault rifle becomes necessary due to changing battlefield dynamics or limited ammunition capacity, having an SMG as a backup ensures flexibility on the field.

Bolt Action/Spring Powered: Designed for long-range precision shots and stealthy gameplay

For those who prefer a more calculated approach on the airsoft field and enjoy precision shooting, sniper rifles come into play. Designed specifically for long-range engagements and emphasizing stealthiness over rapid-fire capabilities, sniper rifles require patience and accuracy from their wielders.

Typically utilizing bolt action or spring power mechanisms, sniper rifles offer unmatched precision and power in the airsoft world. The bolt action nature of these firearms necessitates manually cycling the bolt after each shot, providing a level of realism and enhancing the sense of satisfaction when a well-placed shot connects with its intended target.

While there are various models available, sniper rifles often boast features like adjustable hop-ups for optimizing range and accuracy. Some models offer scopes or bipods for enhanced stability during aiming. These accessories assist snipers in precisely delivering shots from afar, increasing their chances of hitting targets that would be difficult to reach with other types of airsoft guns. Sniper rifles shine in scenarios that demand stealthy gameplay and long-range engagements.

Their ability to engage opponents from a distance while remaining hidden can create invaluable advantages on the field. By taking strategic positions and patiently observing their surroundings, snipers can effectively suppress enemy movements or eliminate high-value targets.

Importance of Choosing the Right Airsoft Gun for Different Roles

Just as soldiers rely on specialized weapons for specific tasks on the battlefield, choosing the right airsoft gun is vital for excelling within different roles. The diverse range of airsoft guns available caters to various playstyles and scenarios, ensuring that players can find the perfect fit for their preferred approach. When selecting an airsoft gun, factors such as range, accuracy, rate of fire, and maneuverability should be carefully considered. Different roles demand specific attributes to maximize effectiveness.


In the realm of airsoft, the role of a rifleman is crucial. They are the backbone of any team, providing versatile firepower and maneuverability on the field.

To excel in this role, it is essential to choose a suitable airsoft gun that balances accuracy, range, and maneuverability. When it comes to selecting the best gun for riflemen, there are several factors to consider.

Firstly, it is important to take into account the desired engagement distance. For close-quarter battles (CQB), compact rifles such as SMGs (submachine guns) or carbines are ideal due to their compact size and maneuverability in tight spaces.

The CQB environment demands quick reflexes and rapid target acquisition – qualities that can be enhanced by firearms such as MP5s or M4 variants. On the other hand, for scenarios with longer engagement distances, rifles with increased range and accuracy become more desirable.

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Weapons like AR-15 and M4 platforms or AK variants prove themselves as reliable choices for riflemen engaging targets at medium to long ranges. These rifles can be customized with various attachments like scopes or red dot sights to enhance accuracy.

Another crucial aspect in choosing an appropriate rifle for a rifleman is considering ammunition capacity and reload speed. In prolonged skirmishes where suppressive fire plays a vital role, high-capacity magazines or drum magazines are preferred options which can be found in weapons like support guns or LMGs (light machine guns).

These firearms provide ample firepower and allow sustained fire without constant reloading. Additionally, ergonomics play an essential role in a rifleman’s effectiveness on the field.

A well-designed grip and adjustable stock allow for greater control during intense engagements. Considerations like weight distribution also come into play when choosing an airsoft gun – finding one that balances weight between both ends promotes stability while aiming down sights.

Versatility should not be overlooked when selecting a rifle for riflemen. Opting for a platform that allows for easy customization, such as the M4 or AK series, enables the attachment of various accessories, including foregrips, laser sights, or flashlights.

These attachments enhance adaptability on the field and cater to different scenarios a rifleman might encounter. Finding the best airsoft gun for riflemen involves considering factors such as engagement distance, ammunition capacity, ergonomics, and versatility.

Whether it’s a compact SMG for close-quarters combat or a powerful rifle for long-range engagements, selecting an appropriate firearm is vital to succeeding in this essential role. By carefully considering these aspects and personal preferences, a rifleman can maximize their effectiveness and contribute significantly to their team’s success on the airsoft battlefield.

Designated Marksman

The designated marksman role in airsoft requires a unique blend of accuracy, precision, and versatility. Designated marksmen are tasked with engaging targets at medium to long distances, providing accurate suppressing fire, and assisting their team in gaining a tactical advantage over the opposition.

To excel in this role, it is crucial to choose the right airsoft guns and accessories. When it comes to selecting the best gun for designated marksmen, several factors need consideration.

Firstly, a designated marksman should prioritize accuracy and range. A designated marksman needs a rifle that can consistently hit targets at extended distances with minimal deviation.

One option available is the CYMA Platinum AK Alfa QBS. This is an outstanding choice for airsoft players seeking a reliable and high-performance rifle. Boasting the renowned AK design, the Platinum series by CYMA offers exceptional craftsmanship and durability. With its QBS system, this rifle provides a smooth and efficient shooting experience, making it an excellent addition to any airsoft arsenal.

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Bolt-action airsoft sniper rifles or semi-automatic variants with longer barrels are popular choices for this role. One excellent option for designated marksmen is the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 bolt-action sniper rifle.

Renowned for its exceptional accuracy out of the box, it offers consistent performance thanks to its robust build quality and adjustable hop-up system. Additionally, its compatibility with aftermarket parts allows users to fine-tune their setup according to personal preferences.

Another noteworthy choice is the Classic Army M110 SASS DMR AEG (Automatic Electric Gun). This AEG features semi-automatic firing capability combined with an extended barrel length that aids in achieving greater accuracy at medium ranges.

The M110 SASS also boasts an adjustable stock and rail system for attaching optics and other accessories required by designated marksmen. To enhance target acquisition capabilities, utilizing high-quality optics is imperative for designated marksmen.

Optics such as variable magnification scopes or holographic sights can aid in identifying targets accurately at various ranges while ensuring quick target acquisition when needed. Furthermore, choosing appropriate ammunition plays a vital role in maximizing effectiveness as a designated marksman.

Heavyweight BBs provide better stability during flight due to their increased mass and tend to experience less deviation from wind resistance compared to lighter BBs commonly used by riflemen or support gunners. Opting for BBs in the 0.30-0.36g range is recommended for designated marksmen to maintain consistent accuracy and impact at extended distances.

Designated marksmen require rifles that prioritize accuracy, range, and consistency. Bolt-action sniper rifles or semi-automatic variants with longer barrels are preferred choices, such as the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 or Classic Army M110 SASS DMR AEG.

Coupling these rifles with high-quality optics and utilizing heavyweight BBs will provide designated marksmen the tools they need to excel in their role on the airsoft field. By selecting the appropriate gear and honing their skills, designated marksmen can make a significant contribution to their team’s success during airsoft engagements.

Support Gunner

Support Gunner In the world of airsoft, support gunners play a crucial role on the battlefield.

With their heavy firepower and ability to suppress enemy positions, they provide essential cover for their team members. To fulfill this role effectively, support gunners require specialized weapons that can deliver sustained fire and accuracy.

In this section, we will explore the best guns for support gunners and discuss their features and advantages. When it comes to selecting a suitable weapon for a support gunner, one popular choice is the light machine gun (LMG).

These guns are designed to provide continuous fire with high-capacity magazines. The LMGs offer superior firepower and are often equipped with bipods to aid in stability while firing from a fixed position.

One such example is the classic M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon), which combines reliability, durability, and a large ammunition capacity. Another option for support gunners is an assault rifle modified for sustained fire.

This allows them to maintain suppressive fire while remaining mobile on the battlefield. One notable example is the RPK (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova), which originates from its well-known counterpart, the AK-47.

AYet another option, the Krytac KRISS Vector GBB SMG is a top-tier gas blowback submachine gun that stands out for its exceptional build quality and realistic recoil experience. Its innovative design, modeled after the iconic KRISS Vector, offers a unique and stylish appearance. With reliable performance and attention to detail, the Krytac KRISS Vector GBB SMG is an excellent choice for airsoft enthusiasts seeking a high-end and authentic gameplay experience.

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The RPK offers an extended barrel length for increased accuracy at longer ranges and can accommodate larger magazines when compared to traditional assault rifles. For those who prefer versatility without compromising firepower, light support weapons (LSWs) such as the FN Minimi or M27 IAR are excellent choices.

These guns provide intermediate caliber rounds while offering maneuverability typically associated with assault rifles. Their lightweight design allows support gunners to adapt quickly during combat situations without sacrificing sustained suppressive fire capabilities.

To enhance their effectiveness on the field, many support gunners opt for accessories like drum magazines or box magazines that offer higher ammunition capacity than standard magazines. This ensures they can maintain a steady flow of fire during extended engagements without worrying about frequent reloads.

Considering the importance of accuracy in delivering suppressive fire, support gunners may opt for guns equipped with optical attachments such as holographic sights or magnified scopes. These attachments allow for better target acquisition and improved engagement at longer distances.

Support gunners play a vital role on the airsoft battlefield by providing sustained suppressive fire. Light machine guns, modified assault rifles, and light support weapons are some of the best options available for this role.

Accessories like high-capacity magazines and optical attachments further enhance their effectiveness. By selecting the right tools for the job, support gunners can excel in their mission to provide cover and assist their team in achieving victory.

Machine Gunner

Machine Gunner A proficient machine gunner plays a crucial role in any airsoft team, providing effective suppressive fire and laying down a substantial amount of cover for their teammates.

To excel in this role, it is essential for machine gunners to choose the right airsoft guns that can deliver consistent firepower and handle sustained periods of intense action. When considering the best guns for machine gunners, it is important to prioritize reliability, range, and magazine capacity.

One standout option is the Cybergun FN Licensed “Middleweight” M249 SAW, a replica of the iconic light machine gun used by military forces worldwide. With its high-capacity box magazine capable of holding up to 2,400 rounds, this weapon provides ample ammunition without the need for frequent reloads.

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Its sturdy build ensures durability during prolonged use on the field. For those who prefer a more compact option without compromising firepower, the Classic Army Stoner LMG offers an excellent choice.

Designed with realism in mind and replicating the Vietnam-era Stoner 63 rifle, this airsoft gun combines versatility with superior accuracy. Its quick-change barrel system allows easy adaptation to different engagement distances or situations on the battlefield.

Another notable contender is the Krytac LMG Enhanced Edition. Known for its exceptional performance and solid construction, this LMG stands out as one of the top choices among experienced machine gunners.

Equipped with reinforced internals and an electric blowback system that enhances realism during firing sequences, it delivers both power and authenticity. To maximize effectiveness as a machine gunner on the field, accessories such as bipods or foregrips are essential additions to provide stability while laying down sustained fire.

Additionally, investing in high-capacity magazines or drum magazines will ensure continuous suppression without worrying about running out of ammunition at critical moments. As a machine gunner’s primary goal is to provide suppressive fire rather than precision shooting like snipers or marksmen require, accuracy may not be the utmost priority.

However, it is still important to maintain decent accuracy for effective suppression and pinning down enemy positions. Choosing an airsoft gun with a consistent hop-up system and adjustable sights will contribute to better overall performance.

The role of a machine gunner in airsoft is vital for maintaining a strong position on the battlefield. Selecting the right airsoft gun that offers reliability, range, and high-capacity magazine options will ensure optimal performance in this role.

The A&K M249 PARA, Classic Army Stoner LMG, and Krytac LMG Enhanced Edition are among the best guns available for machine gunners, providing power-packed options that guarantee sustained firepower during intense engagements. By equipping themselves with suitable accessories and focusing on accuracy within reasonable ranges, machine gunners can effectively fulfill their role as an integral part of any successful airsoft team.


Sniper When it comes to precision and strategic gameplay, snipers play a crucial role on the airsoft field.

Armed with high-powered, long-range rifles, snipers are known for their ability to take out targets from a distance while remaining undetected. To excel in this role, it’s important for snipers to have the proper equipment and knowledge of their surroundings.

One of the best guns for snipers is the bolt-action rifle. These rifles are renowned for their accuracy and power.

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The most popular choice among experienced snipers is the VSR-10 by Tokyo Marui. It offers exceptional range and accuracy out of the box, making it a favorite among many professionals in the airsoft community.

Another excellent option for snipers is the L96 platform, particularly the AWS L96 Sniper Rifle. This gun is highly customizable, allowing players to modify its internals and externals according to their preferences.

Its robust construction ensures durability even under harsh conditions on the field. To enhance stealth and camouflage capabilities, ghillie suits are a must-have for any sniper.

These suits provide effective concealment in natural environments thanks to their intricate design with foliage attachments that break up your silhouette. Additionally, investing in a high-quality scope with adjustable magnification will significantly improve target acquisition and accuracy at longer distances.

Sniper tactics involve patience, observation skills, and positioning oneself in advantageous spots on the battlefield. Snipers should seek elevated positions that offer vantage points over key areas or objectives where they can monitor enemy movement without being easily detected themselves.

Patience is truly a virtue for snipers as they wait patiently for opportunities to eliminate high-value targets or disrupt enemy operations. Communication is also vital for snipers to coordinate effectively with teammates on the ground.

By relaying valuable information about enemy positions or movements through radio communication or hand signals, snipers can assist their team’s overall strategy by providing critical intelligence from their concealed positions. Being a sniper in airsoft requires a high level of skill and precision.

Choosing the right equipment, such as a reliable bolt-action rifle like the VSR-10 or AWS L96, along with appropriate camouflage gear and optics, will greatly contribute to success on the field. Implementing effective tactics that capitalize on stealth and patience ensures snipers can fulfill their role effectively while supporting their team’s objectives.


In this article, we have explored the world of airsoft guns and their suitability for various roles on the field.

From riflemen to designated marksmen, support gunners to snipers, and machine gunners, we have delved into the different requirements and best options for each role. Now, let us recap what we have learned so far.

For riflemen, versatility is key. They need a firearm that can adapt to different situations on the field.

The best guns for riflemen are typically assault rifles such as the M4 or AK47. These rifles offer a balance between accuracy and rate of fire, allowing riflemen to engage enemies at both short and medium ranges effectively.

Additionally, customization options are abundant for these rifles, enabling players to tailor their firearms according to personal preferences. Designated marksmen require precision and accuracy at longer distances.

They need guns that offer superior range while still maintaining a reasonable rate of fire. The best guns for designated marksmen include semi-automatic rifles like the SR-25 or Dragunov SVD.

These weapons often feature longer barrels for increased accuracy and powerful springs responsible for propelling pellets over greater distances with impressive consistency. Support gunners play a crucial role in providing suppressive fire during intense battles.

To fulfill this role effectively, they rely on light machine guns (LMGs) that can deliver sustained fire without compromising maneuverability. The best guns for support gunners include models like the M249 SAW or PKM which offer high-capacity box magazines and sturdy construction to withstand prolonged use on the field.

Machine gunners are typically positioned in fixed locations where they can lay down heavy fire support over large areas. As such, they require weapons capable of delivering an incredible volume of suppressive fire without sacrificing accuracy completely.

Belt-fed machine guns like the M60 or RPD come highly recommended in this category due to their exceptional firepower and reliability under sustained operation. Snipers are the masters of stealth and precision.

They need firearms that excel in long-range engagements, providing exceptional accuracy and power. The best guns for snipers are bolt-action rifles like the VSR-10 or L96, which offer exceptional range and precision with single-shot capabilities.

These rifles often feature adjustable stocks, bipods, and high-power springs to ensure consistent performance in a sniper’s hands. Each role in airsoft requires specific attributes from their weapons to maximize effectiveness on the field.

Whether you’re a rifleman seeking versatility, a designated marksman aiming for precision at longer ranges, a support gunner providing suppressive fire, a machine gunner holding down key positions, or a sniper delivering accurate shots from afar; choosing the right airsoft gun is paramount. By understanding the unique demands of each role and selecting the best guns suited for them, players can enhance their performance and enjoy an exhilarating airsoft experience.


Choosing the right airsoft gun for different roles is crucial in maximizing your effectiveness on the field. Throughout this article, we have explored the best guns for machine gunners, support gunners, snipers, designated marksmen, and riflemen. Each role demands specific features and capabilities from their weapons in order to excel in their respective tasks.

For machine gunners, reliability and high-capacity magazines are essential. The M249 SAW or the PKM are excellent choices due to their robust construction and ability to sustain a heavy rate of fire without compromising accuracy.

These guns provide the necessary firepower to suppress enemy positions and create opportunities for your team to advance. Support gunners require a balance between mobility and firepower.

The M27 IAR or the RPK-74M offer versatility by combining the characteristics of both assault rifles and light machine guns. With extended magazines and adjustable stocks, these guns provide sustained fire while still allowing maneuverability on the battlefield.

Snipers rely heavily on precision and stealth. Bolt-action rifles such as the VSR-10 or L96A1 are favored for their exceptional accuracy at long ranges.

Equipped with high-quality scopes, bipods, and quiet-operating mechanisms, these guns allow snipers to eliminate targets with deadly precision while remaining hidden in strategic locations. Designated marksmen benefit from weapons that bridge the gap between assault rifles and sniper rifles.

The DMR platforms such as AR-10 or SCAR-H provide semi-automatic capabilities along with enhanced accuracy through longer barrels and upgraded triggers. These firearms excel at engaging targets at medium-range distances while providing suppressive fire when necessary.

Riflemen need reliable battle rifles that can adapt to any situation encountered on the field. Guns like the M4 Carbine or AK-47 offer versatility through modular designs that accommodate various accessories such as foregrips, optics, lasers, and flashlights – enabling shooters to customize their rifles to suit their individual needs and preferences.

The world of airsoft offers a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the best gun for your role. By understanding the specific requirements and advantages associated with each position, you can make an informed decision that will greatly enhance your effectiveness in the field.

So go forth armed with knowledge and select the ideal weapon that will make you a force to be reckoned with on the airsoft battlegrounds. Remember, victory awaits those who are prepared!

See you out on the battlefield!


Q: What type of airsoft gun is best for a sniper role?

A: Bolt-action spring-powered rifles are ideal for snipers due to their precision and consistency. Look for models with adjustable hop-up for better accuracy.

Q: What is a good choice for an assault rifle in airsoft games?

A: AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns) are popular for assault roles. Their versatility, high-capacity magazines, and rapid-fire capabilities make them suitable for various scenarios.

Q: Can I use a submachine gun in a support role during airsoft matches?

A: Yes, you can. Airsoft submachine guns, especially those with high-capacity magazines and maneuverability, are suitable for providing suppressive fire in support roles.

Q: Which type of airsoft gun is recommended for a designated marksman?

A: Designated marksmen often prefer semi-automatic rifles, such as DMRs (Designated Marksman Rifles), for their balance of accuracy and rapid follow-up shots.

Q: What makes a shotgun suitable for close-quarters combat in airsoft?

A: Shotguns, especially spring-powered or gas-powered ones, excel in close-quarters combat (CQB) due to their spread pattern, making them effective for clearing rooms.

Q: Are there specialized airsoft guns for stealth and reconnaissance roles?

A: Yes, compact and silenced airsoft pistols or compact AEGs are commonly used for stealth and reconnaissance roles, allowing for discreet engagements.

Q: Can I use a gas blowback pistol as a sidearm for any airsoft role?

A: Yes, gas blowback pistols make excellent sidearms for any role, offering realism and reliability. Ensure you carry spare gas magazines for extended use.

Q: What’s the advantage of using a support machine gun in airsoft?

A: Support machine guns, typically belt-fed and capable of sustained fire, are advantageous for providing cover and suppressing enemy movements, making them crucial for support roles.

Q: Is there a recommended airsoft gun for a medic in a milsim scenario?

A: Medics often choose compact and lightweight AEGs or pistols, allowing them to carry essential medical equipment while still being able to engage in combat when necessary.

Q: Can I use a compact PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) for a scout role?

A: Yes, compact PDWs are well-suited for scout roles due to their maneuverability. Look for models with a good balance between range and portability.

Q: Are there specific airsoft guns designed for a grenadier in a team?

A: Grenadiers often utilize airsoft rifles with grenade launcher attachments. Ensure your chosen gun is compatible with grenade launcher accessories for added versatility.

Q: What’s the best airsoft gun for a stealthy sniper spotter?

A: A compact AEG or a gas-powered pistol is recommended for a sniper spotter, allowing them to engage in close-quarters situations quietly while supporting the sniper.

Q: Can I use a designated marksman rifle (DMR) for mid-range engagements?

A: Yes, DMRs are designed for mid-range engagements, offering more power and accuracy than typical assault rifles. They provide a good compromise between sniper rifles and standard assault rifles.

Q: Are there airsoft guns suitable for a role as a designated driver or vehicle operator?

A: Yes, compact and easily maneuverable airsoft guns, such as SMGs or compact AEGs, are suitable for vehicle operators, allowing them to engage targets while in confined spaces.

Q: What considerations should I have when choosing an airsoft gun for a reconnaissance role?

A: Lightweight and compact AEGs or gas blowback pistols are ideal for reconnaissance roles, ensuring minimal weight and ease of movement while maintaining effective engagement capabilities.

Q: Can I use a shotgun for breaching roles in airsoft games?

A: Absolutely, shotguns with short barrels and a pump-action mechanism are excellent for breaching roles. Ensure the FPS is within field regulations to maintain safety during close-quarters engagements.