Best Action Cameras for Airsoft: Top Picks

Capturing Airsoft battles may not be for everybody.  Especially when you are just starting out.  At some point, you may decide to capture and edit your gameplay action.  You may even want to share it online with the world!  This can be easily done by use of a good action camera or several action cameras attached to your gear.  While I have yet to dive into the subset of this sport myself, I have done a fair bit of research on camera setups and have found some commonality amongst airsoft players and the action cameras they are using.  GoPro was a familiar name on the field and by far was the most recommended camera for recording Airsoft gameplay. Mobius and RunCam were right behind the GoPro.  These all are fairly known brands, that come with a price.  However, there were other cameras that Airsofter’s have tried with similar or better results.  I would recommend that the beginner hold off on the purchase of a camera until they have had a chance to get out on the field and enjoy the sport.  They would find more enjoyment in the beginning if they were spending more time on gameplay and less time on fine-tuning the capture of video.

These are the Top Action Cameras used in Airsoft:

There are many different camera options out there.  These are the cameras that are a staple amongst a wide range of Airsoft players.  While these cameras range in price and quality, they have different applications

Here is a Great Budget option for a primary camera:

  • Akaso Brave 4K (Check Amazon for Current Pricing) – If you can get past the need for a well-known Brand Name camera, the Akaso Brave 4K has been regarded as a fantastic budget option to the GoPro line. With the great quality at a fraction of the price of a GoPro Hero, you can’t beat the savings while maintaining the level of video quality.

Features to look for in an Action Camera for Airsoft:

  • Quality and Durability –  Airsoft can be a fast-paced sport often played in some unforgiving terrain.  Your camera should be able to withstand the rigors of some pretty rough gameplay. This encompasses everything from being able to be shockproof as well as waterproof.
  • Mounting Options – As you will be mounting the camera(s) on your helmet and your Airsoft weapon, you will need a camera that can offer a variety of mounting options.  Duct tape is not an option here!  Choose a camera that has options that allow a neat and sturdy mount.
  • High Resolution – What good is it to capture and share your gameplay if you end up with low-resolution footage?
  • Rechargeable long-life batteries – Airsoft battles can run for hours sometimes and long-life or extra rechargeable batteries on hand can ensure you don’t miss a beat when capturing the action.
  • Quality Sound Capture – Just as you want good video capture, you’ll want good audio as well. Sometimes less than desirable video can be accepted, but poor sound cannot.
  • Simple/Easy Operation – This goes without saying.  When you’re about to be in the thick of gameplay, the last thing you want to be focused on is fiddling with your camera.

Here are some RunCam sample clips from some Airsoft gameplay…

So, if you’re looking to capture gameplay with your squad, then don’t hesitate in picking-up an action camera.  As more and more people get into filming, the quality of the equipment keeps getting better and better.  Also, At today’s prices, it is an affordable accessory if you are looking to share the on-field experience with others.  Despite, not owning one myself, I have done a fair bit of research.  I recommend finding one that fits your budget, is durable, and has as many of the features mentioned above.

See you on the field!