BB’s: Your Weapon Is Only as Good as Your Ammo

So, you’ve finally bought that top-notch Airsoft weapon, picked up some quality batteries, and selected the necessary safety gear.  However, you ended up spending the entire budget on your loadout having forgotten one of the most important purchases, the BB’s.  You contemplate, “I’ll have to buy these again anyway, so maybe I’ll just get whatever.”  Well, hold up, because your weapon is only as good as the weakest part.  Why sacrifice accuracy, range, and risk damage to your new replica? As with most sports and hobbies, there are some consumable items you’ll have to purchase regularly. In the sport of Airsoft, BB’s are a consumable item and without them, the gun is useless in gameplay.  You can do more damage than good by purchasing cheap, inferior BB’s. It’s like buying cheap gasoline for your automobile.  Sure, it will work, but consider the long-term effects on the engine.  I think you get the point.

I’ve used a few Airsoft BB brands, that in my opinion, offer quality and value without the risk of damage to your Airsoft gun.  Sure, there will always be other brands out there, but is picking up no-name brand for about the same as a tried and true brand really worth the risk? I think not.  However, here is an example of some cheap BBs (click here)Opens in a new tab..  Just check out some of the review comments.  Sadly, they are in the same price range with similar round count as some better brands.

I wholeheartedly can recommend any of the following three BB brand’s.  I am always interested in sharing other great products with my fellow Airsofter’s.  So, hit me up if you have recommendations on high-quality BB’s!

Goldenball BB’s


Goldenball Proslick ammo (Check Here for Current Pricing)Opens in a new tab., by far, has been one of my favorite go-to Airsoft BB’s. Goldenballs are well polished, high-quality BB’s that work exceptionally well in tighter barrelled Airsoft weapons.  These BB’s perform well. I have experienced a tight grouping and improved accuracy when using Proslick BB’s.  Goldenball ammo is available in biodegradable as well as non-biodegradable BB’s.  They come in a variety of weights making them an option for a wide range of Airsoft weapons.  My only complaint has nothing to do with the product itself, but with its packaging.  Even with the handle and capped top, the bag for me is awkward compared to a bottle. This, however, has no effect on the BB’s themselves.  It is just my preference.


Elite Force BB’s


Another great well-made BB brand that produces some truly consistent, precision biodegradable and non-biodegradable BB’s. Elite Force 6mm BB’s (Check Here for Current Pricing)Opens in a new tab., are manufactured within a precise tolerance of +/-.01.  They are the perfect, seamless option for CQB or Indoor play and come in a limited variety of weights. Elite Force BB’s come in a convenient plastic bottle which is easy to store, easy to pour.


G&G BB’s


Yet another great BB brand (Check Here for Current Pricing)Opens in a new tab..  After I learned how cheap BB’s affected Airsoft weapons, this became the brand I switched to.  I still keep a bottle on hand to this day.  G&G is probably best known for their high grade, full metal gearbox AEGs.  However, they make some pretty reliable BB’s as well.  Best thing is that aside from being a reliable, quality BB, I never had any issue with them or their performance.

Don’t forget the Eye Protection!

With all those Airsoft BBs flying around, you will need something to protect your eyes! You can check out some great gear recommendations, just click here.